Hallo All !
My name is Syarifani, you can call me Fani and welcome to blog 🙂

I’m mom of 3 daughter,  my second and third kids are twins.

I came from Surabaya, so if you have any information especially blogger activities you have to tell me. Okay? 🙂

I liked shared about parenting experience, nice places to hanging out with family, my pregnancy milestone, healthy lifestyle, culinary, review make up or skin care, cooking ingredients, event in Surabaya, tips, some tought.

I really apreciated if you wanted to fill in some comments or just likes in my articles or just say hallo or give some feedback to my posting or follow me :p

I also wrote on Kompasiana and Kumparan.

My Kompasiana page : https://www.kompasiana.com/syarifani

My Kumparan page : https://kumparan.com/syarifani-fitria

Thanks to read and visiting my blog.

Nice to know you more 🙂